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Comments for this piece:
From Sister Hipple: Love the arrangement. Thank you for giving it to us FREE!
4.0 stars.

From Patsy: Forging a job like a professional singer may not be about being extremely talented plus much more often today everything boils down to knowing the how-to's from the business. Warming up your body as well as the voice before you sing is vital because as a singer you might be your instrument and any tension inside you will come in your voice. If voice lessons are still enjoyable and enriching, plus there is you don't need to improve your singing teacher; try to read more practice and find out if it produces a difference.
2.0 stars.

More about Amy Potter:
Born and raised in Portsmouth, Ohio, Amy studied piano from age 8 to age 13. After years of travel and travail, she returned to her hometown area and received Christ as her Savior. She is married, and her husband, Woody, helps record her piano instrumental mp3s in a small home studio. She has played accompaniment for choirs and for special music and is now one of the pianists at Victory Baptist Church in West Portsmouth, Ohio. Amy enjoys composing gospel songs and arranging piano accompaniments for vocalists. She also enjoys playing special arrangements of public domain hymns. Her style is a combination of Christian/Southern Gospel/Folk/Ragtime. She is a self-taught composer. Amy gives God the glory for all that she has accomplished.
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