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Voicing/Instrumentation: Piano Solo

We also have other 1 arrangement of "Lean on My Ample Arm".

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Adversity, Atonement/Mercy/Grace/Redemption, Christ, Comfort/Strength/Courage/Assurance, Courage, Encouragement, Hope, Peace, Repentance, Savior, Sorrow, Strength, Trials, Trust in God

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More about Nathan Owens:
Nathan Owens is an American composer, choral director, and accomplished pianist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Nathan started his piano studies as a young child and quickly discovered his love for music. Since then Nathan has continued to pursue his passion for music and has become a skilled classical pianist. Nathan studied choral education at Utah State University and has since participated in and directed numerous choirs and ensembles over the years. Nathan began writing his own choral and piano arrangements as a teenager. He soon realized his true passion is for original composition. Nathan hopes you'll enjoy some of his original compositions and LDS hymn arrangements for piano, choir, and instrumental solos he has made available free of charge. To view all of his work please visit his website: nathanowensmusic.com
Song background:

The Austrian classical composer Franz Schubert's Piano Impromptu No. 3 was the inspiration for this hymn arrangement. You can hear me perform this piece on my youtube channel: https://youtu.be/Rf0LcCqD80w

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