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A hymn expressing our need for the Saviour and His wisdom in our life.

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Lyrics: 1. Lord, I trust in Thee and shall forever
Seek Thy wisdom in the paths of life.
Be there with me 'til my journey's end;
In faith I will obey
And walk Thy chosen way.

Lord, within Thy tender care,
Watch over me where'er I go.
I'll put my trust in Thee,
Never doubting in Thy wisdom and love.
O Saviour, help me find the way.

2. Be the wise, eternal friend I turn to.
Be the rock on which I build my faith.
Be the helping hand that lifts me up.
If ever I should fall,
upon Thy name I'll call.


3. Be my comfort when the storm clouds gather.
Be my guardian through the darkest hour.
Be there with me in my time of need.
If I should lose my way,
Beside me, wilt Thou stay?


4. Be my compass as I seek direction.
Be my anchor 'midst the stormy seas.
Be the guiding light that leads me home
To shelter in Thy fold;
Thine arms around me, hold.


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