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Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo

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More about Dawn Rose:
I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and am the mother of eleven children and the grandmother of fifteen. My husband and I are the adoptive parents of seven African-American children. Currently, I am an online student at BYU-Idaho; (I have a son also attending on-campus), my goal is to obtain a degree in the area of Family and Social Services. I have an internet business, since 2007, where I make and sell look-a-like dolls of children all over the world. Writing poetry is a lifelong joy; lately I am finding pleasure in the whimsical characters that have come to life in my children's poetry. Three of these poems have been published as children's books this past year. I play guitar by ear and love to sing, and although I am not a pianist, with the new computer programs available I can compose the music I feel in my heart. I hope my music will be a blessing to some of you. Things I love: Music, literature, laughing children, the words of Christ, soft horse muzzles, and floppy dog ears.
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Lyrics: If I had been a Nephite when Jesus came to America,
I would have touched the scars on his hands.
He would have blessed me surrounded by angels,
When Jesus came to the promised land.

If I had been a Nephite when Jesus came to America,
When he said, “Build upon rock and not sand.”
He would have told me to heed His apostles,
When Jesus came to the promised land.

If I had been a Nephite when Jesus came to America,
I would have watched Him cause lame men to stand.
He would have wept as He prayed for our people,
When Jesus came to the promised land.

I read the Book of Mormon, I know He came to America,
I’ll choose the right and obey His commands.
I will be blessed and surrounded by angels
When He returns to the promised land.

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