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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Emily Rachel Middleton!

Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB, Cantata/Choir Full Program/Play

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Youth/Young Men/Young Women
Arise and Shine Forth Mutual Theme 2012
Choir with Congregation together in certain spots
Choir with Soloist or Optional Soloist
Embark in the Service of God Mutual Theme 2015
Includes Vocal Obbligato/Descant
Primary with Choir or Adults

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More about Emily Rachel Middleton:
I Love hymns so much. I always have a hymn in the background of my mind and it is a blessing in my life. I am a beginning Lyricist and I write these words as the spirit influences me. I feel that sharing a hymn is also sharing my testimony.
Song background:

For youth and adults.  Considering the work we are called to do in the latter-days.   

A special thanks to those who sang for this recording- Jennica Harris, Samuel Madson, Jin Madson, Lillian Madson, Chuck Middleton, Emily R. Middleton

Notes:  created from the draft of my very first song.

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Lyrics: His Kingdom Will In Glory Reign

We’re saints of zion in latter days, the gospel is restored, As sons and daughters of a King, our trumpets sound with joy. Let all the earth unite in faith to sing with one accord, “His Kingdom will in glory reign and every land rejoice.”

We’re soldiers marching forth for Him to stay the tempers hand, In Christ shall be our victory, with Him we’ll ever stand. Then all arise in strength and might to labor in His name, And carry forth the gospels light, that all mankind be saved.

That glorious day when Christ shall come, to cleanse the earth from sin, Let Zions stakes rise up with truth, her children gather in. Then all the last will be made first, the lost of israel found,And Hosts of Heav’n shall fill the earth, our Lord forever crowned.

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