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Vocal Solo Medium Voice/Low Voice

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More about Jeff Combe:
Originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho; currently live in Southern California. Studied composition with Dave Sargent and Murray Boren at BYU; jazz arranging and electronic music at Cal State Los Angeles.
Song background:

Solo arrangement of song; original key (Medium voice--alto or baritone.

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Lyrics: Have all of the ca-rols of Christ-mas been sung?
Have all of the stor-ies been told?
Have all of the bells in the to-wers been rung,
And all of the child-ren grown old?
Where is the ma-gic of yule-tides past,
Thrown out with the re-fuse of years?
Are for-got-ten the Star and the Sta-ble at last,
En-gulfed in our wor-ries and fears?

Have all of the gifts of the fam'-ly been giv'n?
Have all of the gifts of the earth?
Is all of their val-ue re-cord-ed in heav'n,
The mea-sure of all of their worth?
How is the Gift of the Fa-ther re-ceived?
The One that was price-less to give?
And how are the gifts of the Spi-rit be-lieved
That let us e-ter-nal-ly live?

When all of the poor in the world have been fed,
And all of the na-ked are clothed;
When all of the blind and the halt have been led,
And all the un-hap-pi-ness soothed;
Then still will there be a song to be sung,
A sto-ry re-told to the earth,
And still will there be a car-il-lon rung
Pro-claim-ing the glo-ri-ous Birth,
Pro-claim-ing the glo-ri-ous Birth!
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