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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Loren Erickson!

Voicing/Instrumentation: SSAATTBB, Young Women Voices

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Aaronic Priesthood
Book of Mormon
Heaven/Celestial Kingdom
Heavenly Father
Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit
Joseph Smith
A Cappella/Optional A Capella

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More about Loren Erickson:
My first introduction to music was playing the trumpet in an elementary school band. How many of those do you see anymore? In Junior High I took up singing and performed in various choirs and musicals through high school and college. When I was called as ward music chairman and took on the additional responsibilities of ward choir director, I wanted to see of I could arrange music for the choir. Many of those early attempts were...well...awful. But I had a very forgiving Bishop and patient accompanists and choir and I continued to learn. I am now stake music chairman and have inflicted slightly less atrocious arrangements on otherwise unsuspecting congregations. I also currently sing with Millennial Choirs and Orchestras, a multi-denominational choral movement spanning five western states in the USA. My experience in MCO has had a profound influence on how I look at music, what it means, and why it is important to understand meaning behind notes and lyrics when performing it. I hope that what I leave here is not as awful as I have suggested that it might be with this introduction, but either way, know that there is a little piece of my soul in everything you will find from me here. Please provide feedback on my work. That is the only way I will learn.
Song background:

The Restoration, Movement 5, Baptism

I had a lot of trouble deciding how to approach this movement.  I knew I wanted it to represent the restoration of the authority of the Aaronic priesthood, which included the baptism of Joseph Smith and Olivery Cowdry.  I had originally given this movement the working title "Susquehanna" after the river where these events took place.  But I was going nowhere fast trying to represent this event in the prophet's life.  

Then I started thinking about another movement where I had to reboot my thinking (Movement 8, Majesty in Chains).  I determined that the signficance of these events is not the appearance of John the Baptist or even the restoration of the keys themselves, but that Joseph and Oliver read about baptism while translating the Book of Mormon...and wanted to know more.  Isn't that a wonderful parallel with the journey that so many humble seekers of truth take to find the gate to the straight and narrow way.  The fact that baptism by proper priesthood authority gives us each the opportunity to begin our covenant journeys...by entering in at the gate...that is the true miracle. 

So I changed tacks and started thinking about to make this about Joseph and Oliver's feelings about this wonderful truth that the translation of the Book of Mormon had revealed.  And immediately my mind fell upon "Father in Heaven, We Do Believe".  I thought this was very strange at first because I've always associated this hymn strongly with the sacrament ordinance.  But after examining it more closely I discovered that only verse 4 is about the sacrament.  The other 5 verses do an absolutely perfect job of represent that humble, coveneant-ready heart that leads someone to the waters of baptism.  The rest is history. 

Please listen and (hopefully) enjoy this adapatation.  This is arranged for a SSAATTBB choir and Youth chorus or SA descant, and is a Capella.  I can't imagine trying to improve on these ultra-close harmonies by introducing an instrument.  I supposed you could accompany with parts on the piano.  But with a strong enough choir and a great set set of youth voices, I think the a Capella version really has the potential to touch lives. 

As always, if you have occasion to listen or use this music, please provide feedback.  I would live to hear what you think.  

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