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Song background:

A traditional rousing hymn of praise!  Visit www.LDSmusicalitems.co.uk for practice audio clips for SATB parts.


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Lyrics: .
1. Come, ye faithful saints of Zion!
Praise the Lord with heart and voice,
Singing hymns of acclamation.
Come, let every soul rejoice!
Hope and joy in Christ our Master;
Faith and works, great blessings bring.
Share His truth with all the world
And proclaim Him Lord and King.

2. In His hands our lives are trusted.
In His arms we'll feel His love.
In His name we'll serve with honour,
Pleasing our Father in Heav'n above.
Finding strength as we endeavour,
His commandments, to obey.
May our hearts be humble now
In our efforts day by day.

3. Watch for the day when Christ returns
His judgment upon the nations of earth.
Then shall the wicked fear and tremble,
Then shall the Lord, His saints, preserve.
Every ear shall hear His coming,
Every tongue confess His name,
Every knee shall bow before
Our King fore'er to reign.

4. Unto Him we come and worship,
Grateful for the life He gave.
Conquering death, the pathway opened;
Christ our Saviour leads the way.
Saints of Zion, raise your voices,
Let hosannas' chorus ring.
Praise His name forevermore;
Our Redeemer, Lord and King.

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