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More about Emily Rachel Middleton:
​​I love hymns and often have a tune in the background of my mind. I write lyrics as the spirit influences me, and as an expression of my own testimony. I hope that these hymns become an expression of testimony for others as well, Emily Rachel Middleton.
Song background:

Topics: Missionary Work, Restoration, Gathering Of Israel, Last Days, Priesthood, Salvation.  Scriptures:  D&C 133:3 and 26-34; 1 Nephi 22:12; 2 Ne. 21:12–13; 3 Nephi 20:13, Isa.11:12–13; 12. “Daughters In His Kingdom”, RS.  Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual 133:30–34, “Of the House of Israel”- By Daniel H. Ludlow- Guide to the Scriptures.

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Lyrics: -----
Children of the House of Israel,
Called to teach the gospel truth.
Bringing blessings of salvation,
Chosen for this work to do.

Daughters in our Father's kingdom,
Sisterhood in Israel,
Called to do the work of angels,
This their privilege to fulfill.

Sons of Aaron, true and valiant,
hold the keys of priesthood power,
Blessing all the saints of Zion,
Serving till the final hour.

In the last days Israels children,
Raise their banner to the Lord,
And proclaim to every nation,
That the gospel is restored.

Now the northern lands returning,
All the worthy of the lamb,
Joining with the saints of Zion,
Soon they’ll have their promised Land.

*(Chorus after each verse)
Gathering the tribes of Israel,
Building Zion is their call.
Living worthy for His kingdom,
holding to the iron rod.
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