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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Amanda Christensen!

Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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Activation/Reactivation, Adversity, Agency/Choice/Accountability, Atonement/Mercy/Grace/Redemption, Christ, Comfort/Strength/Courage/Assurance, Consecration, Diligence/Commitment/Endure to End, Enthusiasm, Eternal Life/Exaltation, Faith, Fellowship, Gathering of Israel, Happiness/Rejoicing/Cheerfulness/Joy, Heaven/Celestial Kingdom, Heavenly Father, Hope, Israel, Judging/Justice, Kindness, Knowledge/Truth, Leadership/Shepherd, Learning, Love, Miracles, Missionary Work, Motivation, Peace, Pioneers, Praise, Prayer, Preparedness, Priesthood, Prophets, Restoration, Resurrection, Revelation, Reverence, Righteousness/Spirituality, Sacrifice, Savior, Second Coming/Millenium, Self-Improvement, Self-control, Service, Spirit, Strength, Supplication, Temple, Temptation, Testimony, Trials, Trust in God, Truth/Wisdom and Knowledge, Unity, Work, Worship, Worthiness, Zion

Comments for this piece:
From Brittney Hales: Thank you for this beautiful adaptation! Our choir "ooo'ed " with a soloist on the 4th verse and came in at the pick-up to measure 17 "Then with the hosts of heaven..." and repeated the final line with a rit the second time.
5 stars.

More about Amanda Christensen:
I studied piano and choir at BYU-Idaho and continue performing and composing here in Plano, TX.
Song background:

This is a combination of the words to an uncommon LDS hymn and a well-known orchestral tune by Gustav Holst (Jupiter- the Planets). Hymn for SATB choir or congregation

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