Quote: "The song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads." D&C 25:12
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Freeldssheetmusic.org composer individual song stats:
Composer: Connie Stauffer
Total views of songs: 4567
Total pdf views/downloads: 776

Total redirects from our site to yours: 154


Individual song statistics for this composer

Name Page Views PDF Downloads Site Referrals (if applicable)
If The Savior Stood Beside Me (Organ Arrangement) 207 66 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com/findsong_new.php
"Abide With Me; 'tis Eventide" SATB Arrangement 187 40 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com/findsong_new.php
"Thy Will, O Lord, Be Done" Arrangement 168 32 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
Stay By The Tree 72 5 http://conniestauffermusic.com
An Instrument of Love 103 8 http://conniestauffermusic.com
As We Bow Our Heads 45 7 http://conniestauffermusic.com
Candle Light; Christmas Light 93 11 http://conniestauffermusic.com
I Feel His Love 292 39 http://conniestauffermusic.com
How Great the Wisdom and the Love 93 16 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
A Tiny Baby Lay 65 8 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
Take It To The Grove 74 6 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
Love At Home-Love One Another/As I Have Loved You-Where Love Is 671 132 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
Abide With Me, Tis Eventide 288 64 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
Baptism 159 9 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
I Stand All Amazed 247 29 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
I'll Quietly Keep The Commandments 53 8 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
Once, In Royal David's City 113 20 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day 194 15 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
Prayer Medley 563 105 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
Prayer of Thanksgiving/We Gather Together 284 31 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
Where Can I Turn for Peace? 149 27 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
Secret Prayer 102 41 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee 45 3 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
Our Savior's Love 117 14 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
A Dad Can Be a Kid's Best Friend 19 3 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
As I Search the Holy Scriptures 107 25 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com
Beautiful Summer Day 57 12 http://www.conniestauffermusic.com