Quote: "The song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads." D&C 25:12
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Freeldssheetmusic.org composer individual song stats:
Composer: Christine (Burnett) Hadlock
Total views of songs: 15951
Total pdf views/downloads: 1894

Total redirects from our site to yours: 1432


Individual song statistics for this composer

Name Page Views PDF Downloads Site Referrals (if applicable)
Every Day, Every Day (I Will Open My Scriptures) 275 66 http://www.christinehadlockmusic.com/music-shop/sheet-music/every-day-every-day-will-open-scriptures/
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing 5958 0 http://www.christinehadlockmusic.com/music-shop/sheet-music/come-thou-fount-every-blessing-satb/
The Perfect Example for Me 213 23 http://www.christinehadlockmusic.com/music-shop/sheet-music/perfect-example/
All We Like Sheep 2171 340 http://www.christinehadlockmusic.com/music-shop/sheet-music/all-we-like-sheep/
Holy, Holy, Holy: from The Good Shepherd 1193 243 http://www.christinehadlockmusic.com/music-shop/sheet-music/holy-holy-holy/
Blessed Are They: from The Good Shepherd 731 127 http://www.christinehadlockmusic.com/music-shop/sheet-music/blessed-are-they/
The Good Shepherd: A Cantata 1242 319
The Sabbath Is A Delight 260 35 http://www.christinehadlockmusic.com/music-shop/sheet-music/the-sabbath-is-a-delight/
Be Still, My Soul 2509 520 http://www.christinehadlockmusic.com/music-shop/satb/be-still-my-soul/
The Lord is My Shepherd 1254 185 http://www.christinehadlockmusic.com/music-shop/satb/lord-shepherd-satb/
The Gift God Gave to me 145 36 http://www.christinehadlockmusic.com/music-shop/primary-songs/the-gift-god-gave-to-me/