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More about Adele Connell:
Sister Adele Connell Young has returned (in 2015) from serving in the Washington DC North Mission as special assistant to President Peter S. Cooke. In the fall of 2016, she married Robert Young in the Salt Lake Temple. They make their home in Utah and Wyoming. Adele has a PhD in Organizational Communication, is a published author and has served in the US Army for 37 years. Most importantly, she is the mother of four children and grandmother of four grandchildren. Being a "mom" and "grandmom" is the most important part of her life and her most-prized gift from God.
Song background:

"Tiny Seeds" is a positive children's song about growing faith.  Just as tiny seeds must put forth effort in order to grow; so must we put forth effort in order to increase our faith.  This song has three verses and a chorus.  Verse one introduces the concept of "tiny seeds" and how they work in order to grow.  Verse two makes the comparison between the child and the "tiny seed".  Verse three is the desire to put forth specific kinds of effort in order to increase faith. The chorus is both a statement and a promise that if you pray, work, hope and believe -- your faith will grow!  

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Lyrics: Verse One
Tiny seeds pushing up against the soil.
Tiny seeds striving hard to feel the sun.
Stretching up; stretching out.
Tiny seeds seem to shout.
We have hope and believe we will grow!
Verse Two
Like the seeds that are working in the soil.
I am striving to do my best on earth.
But, some times when it's hard and I feel I need faith,
I just think of the tiny seeds!
Verse Three
I must work like the seeds to show my Savior.
I have hope and believe in doing right.
And, I'll pray every day and each night to my Lord.
So, my faith like the seeds will grow!
Pray, with all your heart.
Work, with all your strength.
Hope, with all your soul.
Believe, and you'll see.
Your faith will grow.
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