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Voicing/Instrumentation: Cantata/Choir Full Program/Play, Organ/Organ Accompaniment

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Book of Mormon
Has Optional Accompanying Narration

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More about Jeff Combe:
Originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho; currently live in Southern California. Studied composition with Dave Sargent and Murray Boren at BYU; jazz arranging and electronic music at Cal State Los Angeles.
Song background:

The is #4 in the oratorio, The Last Words of Mormon.  Mormon's narration continues, this time with organ accompaniment.

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Lyrics: And now the people had multiplied,
insomuch that they were spread upon all the face of the land,
But wickedness did prevail upon the face of the whole land,
and the work of miracles and of healing did cease
because of the iniquity of the people.
And there were no gifts from the Lord,
and the Holy Ghost did not come upon any,
because of their wickedness and unbelief.
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