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More about Sheryl Martineau:
My family and indeed, the entire large posterity of my parents' family, almost all of whom are singers and instrumentalists, have my mother, Ruth Green, to thank for the music that has enriched our lives and our service for the last 60-odd years. I do not forget the sacrifice of my father in providing lessons for his five daughters. Mama sent us to our performances saying, "Do pretty," and then attended every one of them. They laid the foundation of the tradition of training and performance that has come down in each one of our families. I am most grateful.
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Lyrics: The stars hung in the quiet sky with bright and silver gleam,
Shining on a world that lay all silent in a dream.
The lights of heaven showed the way to Joseph and his Mary,
When into Bethlehem at night, they came both faint and weary.
They sang with angels heralding the birth of one small babe
Who came as Heaven's only Son and rose with power to save.
They lent their light to one great star, which was the Savior's sign,
And showed to all the waiting world He was the Child divine.
The gleaming stars still shine aloft in eyes of children pure,
Who wait with them for Christ, the time when he will come once more.
And in the intervening years, while men go on their way,
The stars keep bright the memory of Jesus' holy day.

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