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More about Emily Rachel Middleton:
​​I love hymns and often have a tune in the background of my mind. I write lyrics as the spirit influences me, and as an expression of my own testimony. I hope that these hymns become an expression of testimony for others as well, Emily Rachel Middleton.
Song background:

This hymn text reflects my personal testimony of the the Atonement of Christ and its necessity for us in gaining eternal life. I specifically mention that the Atonement transcends through endless time and space, and try to imply that all mankind will know this. I believe we have a role in gaining eternal life and have tried to express this in verse 3 where I mention what we must do to receive freedom from spiritual death. This is a sacrament hymn, meant to be sung with contemplation of the sacrament. Another important part of this song is the wording "pay the debt for human sin". This particular line had been worded "price" instead of "debt" at the time that I wrote that verse. During General Conference shortly after, I heard a talk by Elder Ballard during which he referred to such a debt. I felt prompted to change the word to debt in my hymn in order to show that we cannot ever earn or pay, even eventually, for our own sins and our own salvation. The Atonement is very much a debt, much more than a price. 

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