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Song background:

Hymn lyrics by the Scottish presbyterian minister and poet, James Drummond Burns (1823-1864), also author of the well-known "Hushed Was the Evening Hymn".

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Lyrics: .
1. Still with Thee, O my Lord,
I would desire to be,
By day, by night, at home, abroad,
I would be still with Thee.

2. With Thee, when dawn comes in
And calls me back to care,
Each day returning to begin
With Thee, my Lord, in prayer.

3. With Thee, amid the crowd
That throngs the busy mart,
To hear Thy voice, 'mid clamour loud,
Speak softly to my heart.

4. With Thee, when day is done,
And evening calms the mind;
The set-ting, as the rising sun,
With Thee my heart would find.

5. With Thee, when darkness brings
The signal of repose,
Calm in the shadow of Thy wings,
Mine eyelids I would close.

6. With Thee, in Thee, by faith
Abiding, I would be;
By day, by night, in life, in death,
I would be still with Thee.

James Drummond Burns (1823-1864)
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