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Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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Vocal Solo/Ensemble

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More about Jeff Combe:
Originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho; currently live in Southern California. Studied composition with Dave Sargent and Murray Boren at BYU; jazz arranging and electronic music at Cal State Los Angeles.
Song background:

This was written in our poverty.

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Lyrics: Smiles and rainbows never made a garden grow.
Flowers need rain and light.
Lace and dreams don't sew a shirt, don't you know?
And only birds have flight.
You cannot live on love alone, so they say.
You cannot dine on dreams,
Nor take i-deals for every meal, like bread all day;
Nor songs like chocolate creams.
But when all I have to give to you
Is songs and dreams and flight,
When it's all I have to give to you,
I hope...
It's all right.
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