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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Jennette Jay Booth!

Voicing/Instrumentation: Duet, Primary Children/Primary Solo

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Children's Songs
Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit
Truth/Wisdom and Knowledge
Includes Vocal Obbligato/Descant

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More about Jennette Jay Booth:
BA in Music from USU Writes and arranges Piano, Vocal, Choral, Instrumental, and Orchestral music, as well as jingles. Teaches private voice, piano, violin, and guitar in her home studio.
Song background:

The lyrics for this song are right on point!  Thank you to Merrijane Rice for writing them!  I hope the music I've set them to does them justice.  They explain so simply how to recognize the influence of the Holy Ghost in his different roles, a topic we discuss at length with children and really hope they will come to understand.  Its message is appropriate for this year's primary theme of "Choose the Right."  This is a GREAT song for kids!

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Lyrics: SOFT AND GENTLE HOLY SPIRIT Children’s song

Soft and gentle like a blanket
wrapping me in peace and love:
This is how the Holy Spirit
brings God’s comfort from above.

Soft and gentle like a whisper
teaching me to choose the right:
This is how the Holy Spirit
guides me in the path of light.

Soft and gentle like a candle
glowing, burning warmly, too:
This is how the Holy Spirit
testifies of what is true.
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