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Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo

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Motherhood/Mother's Day/Sisterhood
Relief Society/Sisterhood/Women

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More about Angie Killian:
Like most musicians, I found that I express my feeling and bear my testimony best through the gift of music. As a young mother, writing became not only a creative outlet, but also a way that I could teach my children the things of my heart. I hope you enjoy these little glimpses into my soul. Cheers!
Song background:

So Many Sisters is a song celebrating sisterhood.  We are uniquely individual, and our lives may look drastically different as well, but we each reflect the love and light of our Savior. 

My dear friend Julie Ann Keyser had the idea to write this song.  We worked on the lyrics and music together and are thrilled with the way it turned out.  It is dedicated to some wonderful women who have always been there for us and our children.  You are a blessing, and you are loved Joyce, Della, Diane, Julie & Lori!

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Lyrics: So many sisters serve in God's kingdom
Sharing their talents as Jesus has asked
Helping us follow our Savior's footsteps
As we are learning to walk His narrow path

Today we say thank-you For your Christ-like love
Today we are grateful To heaven above
For angel sisters Who serve and minister
You are a blessing! You are loved!

So many sisters lift and inspire
Examples to follow of love on this earth
Creating beauty, like Heavenly Mother
Giving their whole hearts as lovingly they serve

Today we say, "thank-you" for your Christ-like love
Today we are grateful to heaven above
For angel sisters who serve and minister
You are a blessing! You are loved!

You are a blessing! You are loved!

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