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Song background:

This is an original Primary Song that I wrote in late 2015. I usually write piano solos, and I was really struggling with lyrics. After struggling to find the right words for several days, I got up in the middle of the night to feed my baby, and the lyrics for the first two verses came to me all at once.

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Lyrics: 1- Premortal life was where we first heard of the Father’s plan. He said that we would come to Earth and live as mortal man. But we would need a Savior to suffer and to die. Our older Brother raised his hand, and offered this reply:

Chorus: Father, Here am I; Send Me. I will go and live Thy plan to save our family. I will do the things You ask of Me. I’ll be what I should be. Father, Here am I; Send Me.

2- When Jesus Christ came down to Earth, He did just as He said. He served and taught, and healed the sick. He even raised the dead. Then in a sacred garden He bled from every pore. And on the cross He died for me, just as He said before.


3- Because He gave His life for me, I want to do what’s right. I’ll love and serve my neighbor, and share the Savior’s light. I’ll follow His example each day in how I live. And when I’m called to do His work, my life I’ll freely give!


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