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More about Shaillé Claypool:
I am a mom with four young children. In my "spare time" I enjoy writing songs. I love the gift of music and believe it can have so much influence for good. All my sheet music is available for free download on my website: claypoolmusic.org
Song background:

My ward primary president asked me to write a song for the primary theme of 2016 - "I Know the Scriptures are True". As I thought about what direction to go with this, I felt I should write a song that helped the kids understand that turning to the scriptures is one of the best sources of truth in our world.  There are so many sources of information with the internet and social media, there are famous people who kids admire and want to be like, etc.  I wanted to plant the idea of looking to scriptural role models or heroes who can be examples of how to live righteously and follow Jesus Christ.  The quote I chose for this song is by Elder Scott - "The scriptures can form a foundation of support.  They can provide an incredibly large resource of willing friends who can help us." (The Power of Scripture, Ensign, November 2013)

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Lyrics: So many voices in the world today,
How can I learn to choose the right way?
I will study God's word to learn what is true.
Scripture heroes show me what to do.

I will obey like Nephi,
I will be loyal like Ruth,
I will have faith like Abraham,
And like Captain Moroni, I will stand for truth!

These lessons I learn as I study and pray,
They lead me in the Savior's way!

I will hold fast to the iron rod,
Each day I'll read the words of God.
I will stay on the path and never stray,
Scripture heroes help me on my way.

I'll be humble like Mary,
I'll share the gospel like Paul,
I will be brave like Queen Esther,
And like Helaman's army, valiant through it all!

These lessons I learn as I study and pray,
They lead me in the Savior's way!

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