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Voicing/Instrumentation: SSA

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More about Rebecca Belliston:
Rebecca Lund Belliston studied music and orchestration at Brigham Young University and Utah State University. She is the composer and arranger of over forty religious and classical-style songs, including the bestselling original Christmas choral work, “For There’s a Savior Born.” Rebecca is also the author of six novels. She lives in Michigan with her husband and five kids.
Song background:

Original Song about the Ten Virgins. 

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Lyrics: The maidens sleep. Their lamps burn low. Their wait continues still.

And then far off a cry goes up and echoes through the hills.

"He comes," they call, "the Bridegroom comes! Prepare yourself for Him."

Alas the foolish have no oil. Their lamps are cold and dim.

But five were wise. They knew the wait would stretch into the night.

They brought the extra oil with them, and now they trim their lights. 

And while the five, the foolish five, run out to buy their oil,

The Bridegroom comes. The door is shut. And they are left alone.

    We cannot live on borrowed light when midnight's darkest hour is near.

    We must have oil to light our lamps to greet the Savior there.

    The oil comes drop by precious drop as we do good and choose the right.
    We cannot live on borrowed light. The Spirit is my guide.

Again the cry is sounding forth: "The Bridegroom comes once more!"

Will I have oil enough to fill my inner reservoir?

I'll take the Spirit as my guide by living close to Him.

Then I can enter at the door when Jesus comes again.
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