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Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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A thoughtful song written about the pioneers.

Lyrics by Susan Noyes Anderson


O Pioneers (by Lindy Kerby)

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Lyrics: Leave behind all you have known.
Come to a land so bleak and lonely
no one wants it for his own.
Pray in faith; call it Nauvoo.
Raise up a city and a temple
from your love and labor too.
Give it everything that you are
and everything you ever hoped you?d be,
then watch it turn to ashes as you flee.

O Pioneers,
your children still remember.
Through all the years,
you've lived in every heart.
You are a light,
and your light will shine for
all of us, evermore.
In every step you've marked the way.
Now I'll blaze my trail today.

Pushing on, through every storm,
striving with pain and cold and hunger
to keep children well and warm.
Some were saved; many were lost.
Led by a prophet, you were faithful,
serving God at any cost.
And you spoke of Zion by day,
while dreams of Zion filled your souls by night,
until you reached that place where all was right.


Here I am; what shall I do?
Lost in a world of sin and sorrow,
am I called to Zion too?
Can I blaze a trail of my own?
Putting my faith in every footstep,
will I reach my heav'nly home?
With your courage as my sword,
and a Lord who would not let us fail.
I find my strength and know I will prevail.

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