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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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More about Laurel Frost:
I write hymn texts and then collaborate with experienced composers or adapt age-old tunes in the public domain to fit my lyrics.
Song background:

This is a hymn incorporating the principles of the 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program.  The text won an award in the 2014 LDS Music Contest. R. Michael Wahlquist wrote the beautiful music.

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Lyrics: O Lord, be Thou my Shepherd;
Thy mercy I implore.
An enemy doth bind me
In irons fixed and sore.
Regard me with compassion:
I slip, I fall, I weep!
O Lord, haste to my rescue;
Unchain this fettered sheep.

Then search my heart with rigor,
And ev’ry sin reveal.
Employ Thy mighty power
My soul to cleanse and heal.
Oh, comfort and sustain me;
Oh, sweep away my guilt.
I yield my heart unto Thee;
I live now as Thou wilt.

Assist me in amending
Each error from my past.
Then help me lift another
Whose weakness holds him fast.
My prison door swings open;
The shackles fall away.
Dear Lord, I walk beside Thee
Into a brighter day!

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