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More about Emily Rachel Middleton:
​​I love hymns and often have a tune in the background of my mind. I write lyrics as the spirit influences me, and as an expression of my own testimony. I hope that these hymns become an expression of testimony for others as well, Emily Rachel Middleton.
Song background:

This song was included in the BYU-Idaho hymn festival 2019.  Original text by Emily Rachel Middleton, with original music by Randall Smith. 

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Lyrics: In the heavens there is music, songs of comfort, peace and love,
songs to lift my troubled spirit, songs that teach of truth above.
In the heavens there is healing, where my spirit may restore,
bringing hope and strength renewing and the faith to try once more.

In the heavens there is safety, freedom from temptations hold,
for the teachings of the gospel are my helmet, shield and sword.
in the heavens, light descending, guides me from a failing path,
like a beacon in the darkness lets me find my Shepherd's staff.

In the heavens, true repentance mends the sorrows of regret,
as the grace of the atonement grants the power to forget.
In the heavens there is justice and a law to satisfy,
an eternal debt forgiven at the mercy seat of Christ.
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