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Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo

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Adversity, Atonement/Mercy/Grace/Redemption, Children, Children's Songs, Christ, Comfort/Strength/Courage/Assurance, Encouragement, Hope, Individual Worth/Self Esteem, Light/Sun, Patience, Peace, Savior, Sorrow, Strength, Trials

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Song background:

This is a simple Primary song that is meant to be comforting to children and adults alike -  no matter what the level of trauma is that you have experienced and felt in your life.  It is a reminder that the Savior is ALWAYS there to comfort and that COMPLETE deliverance and healing will come.  We do not control the timing, but we can rely on the promise. 

For additional music, visit my website at www.2liftmeup.com.  Thanks, Gordon Haws (glh1996@live.com

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