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Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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"In creating this album I felt tremendously motivated to focus on the two most important themes of my life, faith and family. I believe these are where we find our greatest joy and happiness. Yet today, more than ever, they are also where we find our greatest challenges. I hope that as you listen to these songs, you will find greater peace and inner resolve to Never Give Up on your faith & family."

I Never Dreamed (by Michelle Baer)

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Lyrics: I’d always known that as my life unfolded,
There would be a someone preparing to be mine.
Kept from the world, all the while learning,
Of wisdom, and service, and of the Divine.
For I always dreamed
That you would love the Lord, like me;
That you would have a song to sing,
And I’d recognize your melody.
Now that I have found you, each day I see a vision;
An all-expanding journey my soul has longed to start.
No poem or sonnet could tell the deepest feeling,
Or the syncopated rhythm of the beating of our hearts.
But I never dreamed
How your love would inspire me.
That your song would be a symphony,
And that we’d make such harmony.
And I never dreamed
How great a gift we would receive.
An endowment from the Father,
To bless our lives eternally.
We gather in white, pausing to say,
What we will be, starting this day.
With such a power, I realize
Forevermore we are one.
Forever we are one.
Forever we are one.
We are one,
In his eyes.
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