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Song background:

This song is part of a larger work called "It's Up To Me," a 30-minute dramatization of the Parable of the Ten Virgins.  It was the first attempt of my friend, Dianne and I to write music.  Dianne had been asked to put together a program for an Enrichment Night for our Ward Relief Society.  She asked me to help her, and said that she envisioned lots of music.  Furthermore, she thought we should write original music for it.  I was skeptical, but we went ahead with faith that the Lord would help us write a program that would touch the sisters in our Ward.  The result was miraculous.  Our group of ten virgins, 5 men, 2 narrators, me at the piano, and Dianne taking care of the technical, performed this production for our Ward, and then our Stake; then we went on to perform it for 7 other wards.  It was also performed by several other wards. 

This song answers one of the most frequent questions about the Parable of the Ten Virgins:  Why couldn't the Wise Virgins just share their oil with the Foolish Virgins? 

Vocals:  Soloist #1:  Sherrie Willden; Soloist #2: Angi Evans  Other Wise Virgins: Debbie Jester, Joy Peterson, and Lynnette Turscanski

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