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Diligence/Commitment/Endure to End
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More about Amanda Mae Conrad:
Amanda Mae Conrad has been playing the piano since she was 7 years old. Now a high school graduate, she is excited to pursue a music degree in college. She loves music, especially hymns and primary songs. She doesn't have much arranging experience, but hopes that with a lot of practice, she can someday be really good at it.
Song background:

One slow day at work, I picked up a pen and piece of paper and wrote down some thoughts about the Plan of Salvation. Those word later turned into a poem, which turned into a song. This is my first time writing serious lyrics (lyrics that aren't about pillows, potatoes, etc.), and my first time writing an accompanyment to lyrics. I would love to hear any adivce/constructive criticism you have to help me improve. Thanks!

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Lyrics: My Father said, "I have a plan
To help you grow and learn.
I'll send you to a lovely place
I made for you called Earth.
You will have trials and stormy days.
Sometimes you'll feel alone.
But with my help you will succeed
And someday come back home."

As a child my parents teach
About my Father's plan.
I listen to it willingly;
I want to understand.
I feel my Father's love for me;
I know I'm not alone.
I hear His spirit say to me,
"Someday you'll come back home."

But then sometimes I push Him out.
He seems so far away.
The trials He had talked about
Surround me everyday.
I slip away; I just don't care.
I'm in this on my own.
But somewhere distant, calling me,
He says, "You'll make it home!"

Throughout the years I strive to learn
About my Father's plan.
I knew it once but now forgot.
It's time I knew again.
I search the scriptures day and night.
I ponder what I know.
Above my Father cheers me on.
He knows I'm coming home.

I've lived a life in truth and light.
I'm happy and content.
But now my Father calls me back
To judge the life I've spent.
I climb white stairs into a room.
He's waiting there, I know.
My Father says, "Well done my child;
You've made this place your home."
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