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Vocal Solo High Voice/Soprano
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Trust in God
Truth/Wisdom and Knowledge

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More about Adrienne Foster Potter:
--Majored in Music Theory/Composition at U of U and BYU. Studied under Lowell Durham. --Wrote first song at age 16. --Plays guitar, sings, plays piano, bass, and organ. --Published first songs online in 1995. ----Have had songs performed in various wards and stakes around the country and for regional YA events.
Song background:

Vocal solo with piano accompaniment

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Lyrics: Verse 1: <br/>He had the power, He had the splendor <br/>Yet He was gentle, and He was tender; <br/>He is my Savior, my Lord and King. <br/>To Him I whisper, to Him I sing. <br/>He lived the moment, he faced the day-- <br/>Whatever hardships that came his way. <br/>He lived in danger from wicked men <br/>But he defied them again and again. <br/> <br/>Chorus: <br/>He is my Savior, He is my friend, <br/>His name I’ll honor, His truth I will defend. <br/>(repeat) <br/> <br/>Verse 2: <br/>He had the power but only used it <br/>To heal and comfort, and not abuse it. <br/>He chose to live here as one of us, <br/>Amid the sinners, amid the dust. <br/>And when the power He would refuse, <br/>He taught all mankind that we could choose. <br/>What is the best gift we can bestow? <br/>It is the freedom to learn and to grow. <br/>Verse 3: <br/>He knew his power was from his father <br/>And it was based on celestial honor. <br/>There is no glory in using force, <br/>For light and knowledge are power’s source. <br/>He had the power to take command, <br/>To give us orders and make demands, <br/>Instead he taught us we have a choice. <br/>We have the right and the will and the voice. <br/> <br/>Verse 4: <br/>And Satan’s plan was, to steal the power, <br/>And force all mankind to fear and cower; <br/>His way required the use of force <br/>With no repentance and no remorse. <br/>Instead with patience we can persuade <br/>And this is how love, and trust are made. <br/>And so by teaching we can induce, <br/>With no coercion, and no abuse. <br/> <br/> <br/>
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