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More about Jeff Combe:
Originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho; currently live in Southern California. Studied composition with Dave Sargent and Murray Boren at BYU; jazz arranging and electronic music at Cal State Los Angeles.
Song background:

This is a transposition or "Grow, Little Sapling, Grow" into an easier key to play, and an easier key for lower voices to sing.

I wrote this after hiking in the mountains and seeing a little sapling, growing out of difficult, rocky soil on a steep mountainside.  The little tree moved me more deeply than I might have expected.

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Lyrics: Grow, lit­tle sapling, grow.
Your leaves, push up, and your roots, be­low.
The sky may fall, and the dust may blow,
But grow, lit­ tle sap­ ling, grow.
A wall at your back and a storm at your face,
The big trees grant too lit­tle space.
It's a lit­tle like the hu­man race,
So grow-

Drink, lit­tle sap­ling, drink.
Your leaves are yel­low but your bark is pink.
You bare­ly have plen­ty of room to think,
So drink, lit­tle sap­ling, drink.
There's no­where from here you can go but up,
So bend with the slope and don't give up.
The sun­ light fills your wait­ ing cup,
So drink

Grow, lit­tle sap­ling, grow.
There're things that you guess, and things you know.
The shadows give way to a warm­ing glow,
So grow, lit­tle sap­ling, grow.
Grow, lit­tle sap­ling, grow.
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