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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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Missionary Work

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More about Timothy Rohwer:
Timothy Rohwer graduated from BYU-Idaho with a Bachelor's degree in Musical Arts. He teaches violin and viola lessons in Idaho Falls and has been composing since the age of 13. He writes hymn arrangements for ward choir and various instrumental groups and writes both solo, chamber, and symphonic works. He is currently preparing for graduate school.
Song background:

In 2006 & 2007, I had been continuing to struggle with health and other issues, and had been contemplating a mission.  At the same time, I had had many friends who were leaving on missions or preparing to leave on missions.  In response to their leaving, I wrote a little poem which I sent with a few of my friends who were just about to leave, and sent the poem through the mail to the rest.  I also had heard of the now annual hymn festival on the BYU-Idaho Campus, and set about putting the poem to music to create this original hymn.

Fear Not, for the Lord thy god is With Thee. (by Timothy Rohwer)

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Lyrics: Tho brow may sweat under scorching sun;
Tho ears that hear thee seem to be none;
Tho wretched cloud and stormy day,
Never leave, but ever stay;

Fear not, Fear not, Fear Not
For the Lord thy God is with thee.

Tho chill of winter bite thy skin;
Tho in the cold thy clothes seem thin;
Tho wickedness and darkness grow,
And all to thee seem but a foe;

Fear not, Fear not, Fear Not
For the Lord thy God is with thee.

Tho sorrow fill thy soul to brim;
Tho prospects in they life seem grim;
Tho suff'ring seems thy constant lot,
Hheed these words: Fear not!

Fear not, Fear not, Fear Not
For the Lord thy God is with thee.
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