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Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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Come unto Christ Mutual Theme 2014

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From jd: Great song....but who is the composer and why isn't he/she/they listed? When someone writes a song it's important to have their name(s) on the music as the copyright. Please email me back and let me know. I've been looking but can't find the composer(s)! Thank you.

From Carolina Harward: Please let me know who is the composer for this wonderful song. Who wrote the music and the lyrics? Please. Thank you.
5.0 stars.

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These are works that were published at some point in the Ensign, Friend, or New Era, or other church publication, by selected composers.
Song background:

This is the church's "official" Come Unto Christ song for 2014

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Come Unto Christ (by Church Publications)

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